Marine Services


Friznard Global Services Ltd. provides ship repair services for vessels which are the Tugboats or Barges type. This includes deck repairs, welding works, sand blasting and engineering & machinery repairs.

You may wonder why you should use us when there are many other marine service providers. The following are some reasons why we have become the go to ship repair services in Nigeria.

We Have Trained Staffs

When it comes to ship repairs, the people who eventually work on the ship are the ones responsible for ensuring that all requested repairs are done to expectation. For this to happen they should have the necessary training and experience to carry out the repairs. Our engineers are well trained in the latest ship repair techniques.

We Provide Quality Services

We provide a complete package when it comes to ship repairs and maintenance so you don’t have to go anywhere else. With us, it is more about carrying out repairs that last for long durations. When your ship leaves the shipyard, it will not be going to any other repair services for the same problem in a long time.


We are reliable

If we tell you that we will do it, then you can be sure we will do it within the expected deadlines. We are available for repairs on a 24-hour basis so your ship should be able to leave the docks in time to continue with its operations. We offer reliable and skilled services in sandblasting, spray painting, welding, pipe fitting, electrical and mechanical engineering and a host of others

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