Integrity Test Services


Pipelines are critical business assets and maintaining them in safe and reliable working conditions is one of the major challenges which pipeline owners and operators are faced with. 

Failures in pipelines usually result in incidents that can have devastating impacts on life, reputation, production and the environment.

At Friznard Global Services Ltd. we offer Pipeline Integrity strategies, procedures and solutions which is able to store and integrate critical data and consider all stages of the pipeline life cycle, from inception, route, to design and engineering, fabrication, operation, inspection and finally to maintenance and repair if and when necessary.

Hydrostatic Testing

Hydrostatic testing is the most common method employed for testing pipes and pressure vessels. These tests help maintain safety standards and ensure the integrity of a vessel or pipeline system over time. 

It is a procedure designed to test for strength and leaks in piping systems, boilers, gas cylinders and pressure vessels to confirm they will operate properly, even under extreme conditions. Tests are typically required after repairs and shutdowns to validate equipment can successfully return to operation. Testing is conducted at higher pressures than normal operating pressures, typically up to 150 percent of the designed pressure.

FRIZNARD GLOBAL SRVICES LTD. understands there is no one-size fits all hydrostatic pressure test. So, we plan, design and implement testing procedures to ensure the integrity of your unique equipment and piping. 

We provide detailed plans in which we inspect your equipment, determine the proper testing approach and then deliver documentation and proof of testing results.

Our extensive hydrostatic testing capabilities include:

  • Hydrostatic pipe testing and pipeline hydrostatic testing using a variety of techniques
  • Pressure and flow testing
  • Extensive cleaning procedures
  • Troubleshooting
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