Electrical / Instrumentation


Our Electrical Instrumentation Services include:

  1. Servicing of electrical distribution systems.
  2. Servicing of actuators.
  3. Servicing/Calibration of meters and metering system.
  4. Installation, Servicing and Calibration of control valves
  5. Servicing/Calibration of PSVs
  6. Servicing of tank gauging systems
  7. Installation and calibration of Instruments.
  8. Calibration of instruments (indicators and transmitters)
  9. Calibration of tanks
  10. UTM (Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement)

Friznard Global Services Ltd. has significant experience in delivering complete electrical and automation projects to our clients. We understand the challenges that industries face today: they need to reduce operational costs, maximize uptime and optimize maintenance efficiency.

We are specialists in designing, specifying, procuring, calibrating, installing, piping, loop checking, commissioning and maintaining instrumentation and control systems for a wide range of industrial and commercial process control applications, ensuring that your plant operates safely.

Equipment installation cover such things as Transformers, Motors, Generators, Switch-gears, Control Panels, Micro-processor based systems, Earthling systems, Lightning Protection systems, Electrical distribution and reticulation and ESD Systems. We install all range of instruments (indicating and transmitting) such as Gauges (level, pressure, temperature, etc.), Meters, Provers, Control Valves, Process control systems, Valve actuators, Pneumatic systems, etc.

We are well equipped with certified calibration and test equipment that are traceable to NIST and other international standards. In addition, we are accredited by the local authorities (Weights & Measure, and Department of Petroleum Resources) to carry out these services in Nigeria.

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