It  is  the policy of FRIZNARD GLOBAL SERVICES  LTD to carry out its  procurement  and engineering  services,  in  an ethical  and socially  responsible  manner, that guarantees  efficient,  effective, cost-effective and quality provision of hygiene, environmental aesthetic and standards that meets the precise prescription of our client and the host community.

Our strategic objectives  include but not limited to the following:

  1. To ensure zero (0) fatality.
  2. To  provide  at  all  times  excellent,  quality  and  acceptable product supply and contract servicing to all stakeholders, investors,  clients,  communities,  staff and the general public.
  3. To   take   pro-active   measures   that   brings   creative   and innovative services to our clients and host communities.
  4. To  ensure  strict  compliance  to  environmental   and  Safety policies and standards during operation.
  5. To recruit, train and deploy highly specialized skilled and professional  personnel that can compete  favorably  with any state  of the  art  technology  in  supplying,  procurement  and contract servicing.
  6. To ensure permanent partial  disability (PPD) free operations.

There are many reasons why we have become the first choice contractor for many of our customers and one of the main reasons for this is our comprehensive approach to project health and safety management.

It is the policy of FRIZNARD GLOBAL SERVICES LTD to conduct its operations in such a way that the health and Safety of its employees and clients will be Safe guarded, and special attention is paid to the protection of the environment. 

All managers and departmental supervisors must understand their Specific Responsibilities for Health, Safety and Environmental Issues within the organization by ensuring that there are adequate Health and Safety facilities available and that the relevant Safety requirements and codes of ethics are known and adhered to at all times by their employees.

It is equally the duty of all employees to exercise personal responsibility and do everything possible to protect work site environments and prevent injuries to themselves or fellow employees and all visiting third parties by observing this company Safety rules and regulations. It is also employee’s duties to wear appropriate Safety devices when required. The Managing Director will give full backing to this policy and will encourage and support all those who endeavor to execute the policies.


In conformity to set standards in our company work procedures with relation to the environment and the host community, our management team is committed to:
  1. Protect and promote the health of its workforce and to conduct its activities in such a manner not to adversely affect any third parties. 
  2. Provide a conducive-working environment between its worker and the host community.
  3. Ensure the personnel security, the workforce, and that of the third party.
  4. Avoid injury to workers, community volunteers, third parties that are either involved in or are affected by Friznard Global Services Ltd. work activities.
  5. Bringing to barest minimum further impact on the environment in which Friznard Global Services Ltd. operates. 

However, every personnel of Friznard Global Services Ltd. shall perform his/her work in accordance with these policies and work must be suspended when it is believed that essential Safety systems are not in place. 

With strong references to procurement and contract servicing,  it  is the policy of FRIZNARD GLOBAL SERVICES LTD to provide services that comply with international acceptable standards of quality and client prescribed quality requirements. It is recognized however  that,  the  achievement   of  a  satisfactory   standard   of quality,  is the responsibility  of all  personnel  involved  in  the work execution not solely that of QA/QC personnel. Therefore, it is mandatory  for  all  FRIZNARD  GLOBAL  SERVICES  LTD personnel  to adhere strictly to the quality requirements  as outlines in this manual  and related quality procedures and plans.

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